1999-2000 Season

Artistic Director: Kate Bligh


My Children My Africa


School Tour 1999 & 2000
February 17-26, 2000



The Crossroads


May 3 – 13, 2000
Monument National

Written by Josué Kossi Efoui
Directed by Kate Bligh


Roberto Blizzard
Naila Belvett
Chimwemwe Miller
Omari Newton
Chimwemwe Miller
Saccha Denis
Claudine Malard
The Cop
The Woman
The Prompter
The Poet
The Dancer (May 5-13)
The Dancer (May 3-4)


Costumes: Xenia Buchman
Set & Lighting Designer: Ana Cappelluto
Electro-Acoustic Composer: Yves Gigon
Choreographer/Assistant Director/Dramaturgy: Geneviève Lavigne
Publicity & Marketing: Greg Lennox
Set & Lighting Assistant: Ken MacKenzie
Stage Manager/Dramaturgy: Elaine Normandeau
Assistant Stage Manager: Stéphane Rousseau
Technical Director: Steve Schon
Scenic Painter: Valérie Viertel



Our 14th annual Vision Celebration Gala honoured jazz musician and singer Michelle Sweeney with the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Achievement Award.