AMP Industry Showcase 2018-2019

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Centaur Theatre | 453, rue St François Xavier

Tickets: $Pay What You Decide

May 10-11, 2019

May 10, 7.30pm
May 11, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Box Office: 514.932.1104 |

In the final weeks of our Artist Mentorship Program (AMP), the ensemble begins rehearsals for the Year-End Showcase – an opportunity to share their talents with industry professionals and the general public. It is a “cabaret” of scenes, monologues and special skills, including excerpts of work created by our playwrights.

From the directors’ vision to the design, from behind the scenes to the stage, this show is created entirely by the ensemble, with support from Black Theatre Workshop.


A word from our AD & AMP Coordinator | Quincy Armorer & Warona Setshwaelo 

After another dynamic year, Black Theatre Workshop’s Artist Mentorship Program closes the season with its annual showcase, made possible by the generous support of local theatre companies, the Canadian Arts Training Fund, TD Bank and this year the venue has been graciously provided by the iconic Centaur Theatre.

Every year AMP welcomes up to 15 talented new ensemble members to support and foster over the season. We continue to be a bridge for emerging theatre artists to their professional goals, as well as a creative community and information exchange.

Three of the four excerpts about to be presented were written by our very own playwrights. The concept, design, vision and performance were all executed entirely by our ensemble. Black Theatre Workshop is extremely Proud to Present the 2018-19 Artist Mentorship Ensemble.


Artist Mentorship Program Ensemble 2018-19

Candace Blake Amarante
Stephen Booth
Zaynab Bourezza
Maryline Chery
Willow Cioppa
Michael Fanfan
Briauna James
Schelby Jean-Baptiste
Katharine King So
Jahlani Knorren
Ökyü Önder
Adam Pierre
Mahalia Golnosh Tahririha
Katey Lois Wattam

Costume Designer
Set & Lighting Designer


Production Team

Sierra Alarie
James Douglas

Stage Manager
Technical Director


Director’s Statement | Katey Lois Wattam

a rhizome is (we are) multiple multiplicities
put together
in a way that has no structure whatsoever at all

any point of a rhizome (us) can be connected to any other,
no matter how similar or different
the rhizome (we) can be broken at any point,
but it (we) will always start up again
adding or taking (us) away from it changes the way it (we) looks;
but also how it (we) feels

this is not a show,
but rather an presentation of my (our) practice(s),
with the sum of its parts showcasing who i am (we are),
but more on…what can become of us ?

think of the rhizome (this presentation) as a map,
something that can always be entered at any point,
thus there is no set starting point

what it helps us see is that the rhizome (this presentation) is not just a thing,
but a process /// a struggle to heal the wounds of history

i (we) have chosen
to place my (our) body(ies) and its (their) histories
in that ambiguous “something is off” space
for me (us),
it is the only space that doesn’t excuse or ignore
the violent colonial history of my (our) ancestors

through my (our) art–
which is an extension of my (our) being(s)–
i (we) choose to acknowledge that it (we) exist in all its multiplicities
and sit in the discomfort that it brings

we fit
like small
puzzle pieces
tiny things
who together
create a whole
like two
pieces of shard glass
whose seams seem
to fuse
and if we
hold them
they look
like they were never

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