Script Submissions

BTW is a developmental theatre company and we are always on the lookout for new works.

Yearly we produce 1 Mainstage, 1 TYA play as well as a stage reading of a new work that fits with our mission:

The mission of Black Theatre Workshop is to encourage and promote the development of a Black and Canadian Theatre, rooted in a literature that reflects the creative will of Black Canadian writers and artists, and the creative collaborations between Black and other artists.  BTW aims to promote and produce Black theatre that educates, entertains and delights its audiences. The company strives to create a greater cross-cultural understanding by its presence and the intrinsic value of its work.

While our focus is on work by Black Canadian playwrights, we will on occasion produce work that still fits our mission but from a non-Canadian or non-Black playwright.

If you would like to submit your play, please include:

  • Your script
  • Your bibliography (please feel free to self identify your cultural background)
  • Information on the development history or production history of your play
  • A summary of the play (max 500 words)
  • A cast breakdown
  • Your full mailing address, telephone and email address

Please send it to:

Att: Mr. Quincy Armorer
Artistic Director

To submit via snail mail:

3860 Jeanne Mance, Suite 432
Montreal QC H2X 2K5

To submit via email:

Please send in Word or PDF attachment only.
File name must consist of your Title and draft #.

Due to the volume of submissions, only those playwrights whose work is being considered will be contacted.