Artistic Director
Quincy Armorer


Quincy Armorer has worked professionally as an actor, director, instructor and administrator for several years. As an actor, he has worked at the Stratford Festival, Centaur Theatre, Black Theatre Workshop, St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, Geordie Productions, Repercussion, Piggery Theatre, Shakespeare by the Sea, among many others. He studied in the Theatre Department at Concordia University and at the Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre at the Stratford Festival. He was Associate Artistic Director of Black Theatre Workshop for the 2005-2006 season, before being named as Artistic Director in 2011.


General Manager
Adèle Benoit


Adèle has been the General Manager at BTW since February 2005 working with three BTW artistic directors. She has an MBA specializing in Not-for-Profit organizations from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business and an undergrad double major in Linguistics and German. In 2012 she was named Protégé by the Mallory Gilbert Award Winner Chuck Childs. She is currently on the METAs Committee and the Diversity Committee of the Conseil Québécois du théâtre.


Outreach & Marketing Coordinator

Kym Dominique-Ferguson


Kym Dominique-Ferguson is a Montreal-based actor, spoken word artist and a producer. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Madpoetix Productions and created three annual and monthly spoken word events in the city: The Art of Performing Aural Sex, the Phenomenal 5IVE and the Madpoetix Soirée Open Mic. Kym trained as an actor at the Edna Manley College: School of Drama in Kingston, Jamaica. He returned to Montreal and studied Cinema at Dawson College, then Concordia’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema after which he threw himself headfirst into spoken word poetry, performing and producing. Feeling the call to return to theatre, Kym joined the BTW Artist Mentorship Program 2015-16 ensemble and sharpened up his acting skills. He is currently writing his play the #DearBlackMan project. He is grateful to be a part of the Black Theatre Workshop family as the Outreach & Marketing Coordinator.


Artist Mentorship Program Coordinator

Warona Setshwaelo


After almost a decade in Montreal, Warona now feels like a native. An actress and teacher, Warona is a graduate of the Virginia Tech Theatre Arts program. As an actor, she has worked with several theatre companies in Montreal including Black Theatre Workshop, Imago Theatre, Teesri Duniya and Tableau D’Hote. She is also co-founder of Metachroma Theatre. She was fortunate enough to have been a part of Black Theatre Workshop’s former Youthworks program, and until recently the Co-Coordinator of Artista, a theatre mentorship program for young women. Warona is excited and honoured to be working with The Artist Mentorship Ensemble, the future generation of Montreal English theatre.


School Tour Coordinator
Christine Rodriguez


Christine Rodriguez, described by CULT#MTL as having “… nuclear presence on stage,” is an emerging artist who’s play Dreaming in Autism has placed her on the proverbial map. The play won third prize at Ottawa Little Theatre’s 72nd National One-Act Playwriting Competition. Adjudicator Garry Davey says the play is a “strongly imagined piece with a distinctive style.” The French version was the focal point of an episode on ICI Radio-Canada’s Médium Large during Autism Awareness Month in April 2014. A natural progression to Dreaming in Autism, Christine’s new play, The Autism Monologues, goes beyond her own personal story and shares the points of view of many other people related to autism. Christine developed the play during the 2014-15 BTW Artist Mentorship Program and her short term mentorship with the m-a-i in 2015. Christine is thrilled to be back with BTW for the 2018-19 season working as the School Tour Coordinator.

Box Office Coordinator
Darren Schilling

Darren leaned out of his 3rd story apartment window and exclaimed, “Writing bios is an art form that I’ve yet to master”. One must remember to never use prose that makes it seem as though you have no idea how to write a bio, he thought as he looked out over the Montreal Landscape. Then suddenly he heard a distant voice from one of the other apartments. “Tell them who you are and what you’ve done. And don’t be afraid to mention your aspirations” the voice replied. “I’m a trained actor, writer, improviser, broadcaster, and storyteller. I’ve been a co-producer on Montreal’s all true storytelling show Confabulation and I’m currently writing and producing a live sketch comedy project called Potentially Sketchy Oh! And I aspire to be everything I know I can be in my heart!” “Mister Sir, aren’t you the new Box office Coordinator at BTW as well?” said the little boy just down the lane from Darren. “Indeed, I am young one. Indeed I am.”

Events Coordinator
Abena Bentley

Abena Bentley A lover of the “Arts” has several years of preforming arts experience, both in singing and acting.  She’s a former graduate of the Dawson Theatre Professional Theatre program and since then has had the chance to perform on many local stages as well as, for several independent companies within the city. Her affiliations throughout the years have included the Centaur Theatre, Gleams Theatre company, The 3rd Ensemble and she’s also had the chance to work on some voice-over projects for many local artists. She’s recently done some editorial work for the Montreal Community Contact and few years back had the opportunity to work at BTW as an apprentice stage manager. She’s very pleased to find herself back full circle at Black Theatre Workshop, this time around as their event coordinator. Abena highly believes to “truly excel as an artist and hon your craft, one should be as well vast in all areas of production”.